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Media Direct is a secure & anonymous file submission platform for whistleblowers and journalists.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is your service truly anonymous?

The short answer is yes – but this answer is predicated on you using the TOR browser to make submissions. Please download the TOR browser. Our servers are located outside of Australia. We use a TOR service to obscure the servers’ location by bouncing traffic from different servers located around the world. By doing this we ensure that your submission – and your identity – can never be discovered.

What happens when you submit a file?

Once you submit a file you are issued a unique code which can be used to login and review your submission, add new files, and exchange messages with our staff. Your files are then automatically encrypted and only the recipient has the key. This forms part of Media Direct‘s multilayered security. It means that if you somehow expose your unique code, the files will not be accessible to other parties. It also means that even if in the most remote chance our system is compromised, your files will not be readable.

What do you do with the files?

Once we get your files we review your submission against the instructions you provided. If we have questions, we’ll send you a message. You can view the message & respond by logging in with the unique code we provide when you make your submission. If required, we remove any identifying information, such as metadata, and then pass on the information to journalists. If you have large files (1Gb+) you want to upload, please email us first. Because our servers use anonymity software – uploading can often be a slow process. Please be patient and email us if you have any questions.

Do I have to use an email to send messages?

No. You don’t have to submit your email or any identifying information. Our system relies upon protecting your anonimity. Unlike other 3rd party providers used by large media organisations that contain terms and conditions which enable them to disclose your idenity if compelled by a court – we keep no logs, therefore even if we are requested by any authority to hand over information we technically have nothing to provide.

using standard browser

To submit files by via a standard browser click below.

Submit files
using TOR network

To submit files by via the TOR network, copy and paste the link below into the address bar of the TOR browser.


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